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Image quality is at the core of Fujifilm’s 85 year legacy. The ability for endoscopists and their staff to consistently obtain and organize the highest quality images is vital to the patient care pathway: from detection to diagnosis to treatment.

Fujifilm released 10 new endoscopes in 2019, delivering a comprehensive portfolio of endoscopic technologies that offer an unmatched level of image clarity and performance. With solutions for Core GI, EUS, ERCP, ESD, DBE, Pulmonary, and MIS, we accelerate innovation and deliver meaningful solutions, helping you optimize patient care.

Fujifilm’s innovation doesn’t stop at unmatched image clarity and visualization. With a “patient-first” philosophy in mind, we develop innovations focused on practical applications that can be utilized in everyday patient care, empowering physician performance and confidence in conducting both routine and complex cases. Utilizing Fujifilm technologies and services means you gain a true partner, helping you get the most from your investment.


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