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Liver Symposium Slides and Videos

Update: Liver Transplant Abstracts from AASLD 

Paul Kwo, MD

Panel Discussion and Q & A 

Moderator: Jeff Kahn, MD

Panelists: Julio Gutierrez, MD, MS; Paul Kwo, MD; Jihane

Benhammou, MD; Tien Dong, MD; Mazen Noureddin, MD, MHSc;

Norah Terrault, MD, MPH

Lecture: Early Liver Transplantation for Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease

Brian Lee, MD

Update: Viral Hepatitis Abstracts from AASLD

Kali Zhou, MD, MAS

Panel Discussion and Q & A

Moderator: Paul Pockros, MD

Panelists: Gina Choi, MD; Beshoy T. Yanny, MD; Adam Deising, DO;

Tim Morgan, MD; Kali Zhou, MD, MAS; Ani Kardashian, MD 

GALS Session

Executive Leadership Talk with Charmaine McClarie:

How to Advance Your Career

Saturday, December 4, 2021

State-of-the-Art: Hepatitis B “Cure”

Norah Terrault, MD, MPH

Update: NASH Abstracts from AASLD

Mazen Noureddin, MD, MHSc

Telfer B. Reynolds Lecture: Hepatorenal Syndrome Management

Florence Wong, MD, FRACP, FRCPC

Panel Discussion and Q & A 

Moderator: Paul Pockros, MD

Panelists: Kris Kowdley, MD; Saro Khemichian, MD;

Sammy Saab, MD, MPH; Mitra Nadim, MD; Florence Wong, MD

Update: Evaluation of “Liver Masses”    

Suzanne Palmer, MD

Update: HCC Abstracts from AASLD 

Paul Pockros, MD

Panel Discussion and Q & A

Moderator: Jeff Kahn, MD

Panelists: Paul Pockros, MD; Suzanne Palmer, MD; Vinay

Sundaram, MD; Liyun Yuan, MD, PhD; Arpan Patel, MD, PhD

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Update: PBC and PSC Abstracts from AASLD 

 Kris Kowdley, MD

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